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What You Should Know About Macular Degeneration – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

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Macular degeneration is the leading cause of visual impairment. Macular degeneration poses a danger for people over the age of 65. About a third of people who develop it eventually will.

Macular degeneration occurs due to the presence of blood vessels that are abnormal. These blood vessels can be located under the retina. Most commonly, macular degeneration is the dry form however there’s a wet version, which is more likely to cause problems than the dry one.

You don’t have to be on your own if an eye specialist has found you to be suffering from macular degeneration. Even though there’s no cure for this condition but you’ll be given the treatment for macular degeneration. Doctors can reduce the risk of blindness or vision impairment using anti-VEGF drugs or photodynamic therapy. Doctors can assist you to navigate through the available options and recommend the best treatment to you, based on the severity of your condition and the degree to which it has advanced.

With medical support that you receive, you’ll be able to preserve your eyesight as long as you can despite being diagnosed with a disorder which can cause blindness. Talk to your local ophthalmologist to discuss the various treatment options for macular damage. pnh9lgvx5y.