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How to Fry Smoked Fish – Food Talk Online

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it. It is an age-old tradition to grill fish, specifically for those who like catching fish. Smoking fish is a great technique to add flavour to your fish, and cook it outdoors.

In the video that is posted on this site an expert in barbecue shows how he smokes the fish. He says you can prepare the fish however you like and you can use any kind of fish, including trout. He does not remove the head and scales out of the fish, instead preparing the fish for cooking. He then adds maple syrup and spice rub for the inside.

After the fish are prepared, the cook puts them inside the smoker. It will range from 200-225F, for three to four hours. The smoker is a great way to allow the fish to slow cook. This allows you to smoke your fish and not modify the fish.

When the fish is smoked, the host of the video adds butter on the insides of the fish before placing them into a hot and buttery skillet for frying. In the case of trout you won’t require removing the bones or scales because they’ll go away by themselves. x2yqt1d98f.