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The Golf Cart Service Basics of Maintenance and Repair – Source and Resource

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You can set nt settings for commercial property, including country clubs, and theme parks. This video will explain the procedures for servicing a golf cart that help keep them in good working order. Most of what is needed to keep a golf car running can be found in the owner’s manual. The owner needs to charge the batteries regularly so that they’re able to function whenever needed. Make sure you check the level of the water on deep-cycle batteries on the golf cart.

Since the lead plates of batteries are designed to be submerged, it is important to keep them submerged. This can reduce the battery’s lifespan. Clean the connections between batteries to eliminate corrosion and dirt. If you have a gas golf cart, check the oil every week and replace the oil filter each five to ten years. Similar to regular vehicles it is important to check the tires’ pressure and conditions regularly. The quality of the ride might alert motorists of pressure issues or various other problems. It is recommended to lubricate every joint of the car, including suspension components, during the annual golf cart service. Each year, you should take your golf car to the professional for a brake inspection. This can help you to spot any issues that could be.