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Persian Antique Rug Restoration at Its Finest – Melrose Painting

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It is well-crafted and will last for years. Once you have purchased a rug and are given instructions for caring for it. Use a vacuum to remove the dirt and dust. Don’t use unknown brands or cleaning products. Always use the safest cleaning supplies for your fabric’s color and texture.

Avoid rubbing against the natural wool direction in cleaning the rug. In general, dry cleaning of the rug is preferred in comparison to drawing with water to avoid damaging it. If your rug isn’t completely dried following cleaning, the moisture left behind can start to break down the material of the rug, which rapid temperature variations during the day can lead to.

If it is possible, wash and dry the area rug in the summertime as it shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight while drying. Experts will remove the damaged area in antique rug restoration and insert new warps or wefts. After that the pile is re-knotted. It is a result that looks like a patch repair at the front. Only a specialist can identify the damage in the back. w7kwiwve8c.