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Minimum Server Resources for IM and Presence – Tech News

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The video’s narrator, servers have been used in conjunction with a (.ova) file, which is the virtual machine configuration before it is possible to deploy the ISO installation file is deployed. The (.ova) file sets the hardware resource according to the number of clients during a deployment. Server setups have changed significantly over the years since Presence 11 and some configurations don’t conform to the requirements. What are the standards for minimum requirements?

The narration in the video states that the minimal requirements to run any deployment for users include two processors, 8GB RAM and 2 CPUs. Persistent chat rooms in particular installations will raise the requirement for processors. The servers’ minimum requirements increase up to 4 processors and 8GB RAM. The server can run into difficulties like service shut-downs or issues due to inadequate memory if this procedure is not followed. For a quick check to see if the presence server meets minimum specifications, users can access the platform command line interface and press’show hardware’ in order to view their server’s RAM and CPU.