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How to Clean Your Pools Cartridge Filter –

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Should you take the filters off your cartridges to prepare them for cleaning and how to go about the process is vital. This process will enable you to preserve your cartridges as cleaning your cartridge filter housings every two to six weeks is advisable.
Switch off the pool pump at first. The filter tank can be cleaned to keep out the ingress of water. This is contingent on the frequency of usage and the quantity of dirt that is added in the filters. The tension gauge inside the tank to see when you need to change the cartridge.
Crack open the cartridge filter housings in order to take out the filter. To clean the cartridge, make use of the garden hose sprayer and spray it at an angle such that it is able to reach the pleats. Water flows through the suitable cartridges inside the tank, consequently, you must spray downwards. By doing this, you will drive the dirt along the length of the tank rather than through it. It is now possible to reinstall the clean cartridge into the filter tank. 6dyuk7znkn.