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A Modern Sustainability at Home Checklist – Blog Author

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A checklist of sustainability for your home.

5. Harnessing Solar

Modern sustainability checklists need to include strategies to cut down on energy use and turn solar energy into useful electricity. The most effective way to decrease the carbon footprint of your home and cut down on cost of energy is to harness the power of solar. According to the Energy Information Administration, solar energy accounted for about 13.5 percentage of United States’ electricity generation from renewable energy in 2021. It is expected to grow at a faster increase.

If you’re interested in solar energy, there are many ways you can harness the power of the sun:

Install roof solar panels on your rooftop. An array of solar panels that optimizes sun energy can increase solar gain. It can absorb more sunlightand convert it to electricity and save it for later use. Solar lighting and solar water heaters that are small-scale options that could be used to reduce power consumption, might also help. Install solar-powered security lighting to deter thieves and landscaping illumination to make your property more inviting.

The solar energy industry and energy consultants can help guide you through the process of installing solar panels. It’s essential to invest in quality components and learn best practices by solar professionals to reap the maximum benefit from your solar system.

Incorporating these simple solutions into your home will significantly decrease the carbon footprint you leave behind and also make you more money. It is possible to live a green low-cost lifestyle by developing an environmental checklist for your home with solar harnessing.

6. Solar Energy Infrastructure

The most important factor when investigating solar energy options is the finding