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Whats Better Clear or Metal Braces? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

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n two of those options the clear braces as well as metal braces.

Braces made of metal are most popular. They are durable and strong that have been tested and proven and are customizable with many hues. You must be attentive when cleaning your teeth since food can easily get trapped.

Avoid sticky and hard foods. If you’re playing sports while sporting metal braces it’s crucial to make sure your mouth be protected.

Ceramic braces, also referred as clear braces, are as powerful and visible as traditional metal braces. They seamlessly blend into the teeth and make them look more natural. Braces that were clear in the beginning would stain due to a rubber band that was used for the braces, however modern clear braces do not face the problem.

You should still be careful regarding the health of your teeth as well as wearing proper safety gear while engaging in sports. Consult your dentist if are unsure about the costs of wearing metal braces as opposed to transparent braces.

To learn more about the differentiators between metal braces as well as clear braces, as well as what orthodontic care can do to help you, simply click the link for the above video.