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What You Should Know Before Getting Car Tinting – Daves Auto Glass Repair

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Here are a few tips it is important to consider before you get your tint installed. Continue reading to discover the information you need to know prior to getting car tinting.

Tinting does not come in the same way. There are numerous manufacturers providing various alternatives for tinting. The price of the film will usually tell you how good it is. You will not be aware that a bad film is being put onto your vehicle until it begins to bubble up and fades, or it turns purple. This is why it is essential to identify which film is put onto your vehicle.

Three primary types are used for car tinting: dyed, metallic, and ceramic films

Dye film is among the most affordable and most basic. It block sunlight, and provides an appealing appearance.

Metalized Film comes with a metalized layer within it, which makes it perfect for stopping heat. However, with the metalized film the mirror look doesn’t match to the original tint and it can be signal blocking radios as well as cell phones.

Ceramic film is famous due to its infrared heat loss that is similar to the metalized film, but it isn’t a source of interference.

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