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What to Look for in a Preschool – UNM Continuing Education

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Preschools can help kids who are in the preschool age group acquire a wide range of knowledge. Preschool is an educational program that is a pre-kindergarten program that begins prior to starting kindergarten. Play school happens when your child is at the first stage of Kindergarten. The child will have to acquire some knowledge to be able to succeed during the first year of kindergarten and first grade.

Preschool incorporates a variety diverse types of learning which are used to teach children concepts that will be required when they start regular classes at school. These classes often teach the alphabet, and can help get children started in reading. Pre-schools also may teach mathematics and math. They often incorporate physical education so that students can use their hands to learn that way. Pre school should also be fun. Preschool is a time to have fun with youngsters. xr3b7f8v1j.