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What Makes Google Work – Living History Worldwide

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I used the search button for Google only for a moment but then I was thinking “Wait, how can it understand so much?” The expanse of Google itself is both extraordinary and frightening. You feel like you can browse the world at any time But how do you access it? How do I get my keyboard bringing up so many useful websites in one go? Google has published this video that gives you an insider’s look into one of its “data center”.

Google’s heart lies in the server. Its Google database center stuffed with rows upon rows of thousands of servers. Google executives explain the process of data being entered and returned to users. Once in a while it is necessary to switch off to make room for a fresh one. This facility functions as the core of the internet. It has several employees who wrote books on information security and security and privacy. The Google data center is still catering to all your research requirements.