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What Is Insomnia? How Can You Get Insomnia Help? – News Articles About Health

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Stress about falling asleep can result in insomnia, which is also known as insomnia. There are some people who are more affected in comparison to others. This video from TED-Ed discusses how insomnia can be treated and how to receive help.

Stress is the leading cause of insomnia. This can be because of upcoming events, work or family members, and other external factors. In the case of insomnia, stress over having to sleep is what causes the sleepness at night. When insomnia sufferers do manage to fall asleep, the night is typically not productive as the brain has been so active even during rest that the person does not get a sense of recharge.

How can you overcome this? Try to reduce stress levels prior to you sleep. You can do this with a simple method of putting your head on the pillow and adjusting the temperature in your bedroom, or even by reading a book before you go to bed. If you have additional inquiries or need to speak to someone for professional insomnia support, talk to your doctor immediately. n6eyirr9km.