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What Happens At a Garbage Dump – Life Cover Guide

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Urban landfills today are constructed in ground trenches. They stop toxic waste from entering the water and discoloring the groundwater source.

The growing rate of population expansion is one of the main reasons there’s a greater number of landfills around the world. Growing populations mean increased demand for disposal of waste. In the constant increase of demand for urbanization is another factor that contributes to.

It is important to properly remove any urban derivatives including plastic materials. Agricultural by-products such as animal manure as well as rotten products from farms should also be properly eliminated. If the products are dumped anywhere, they may pollute the surroundings.

This in-depth and thorough video released by the City of San Diego shows what happens to Miramar’s waste site when a trash truck comes in. San Diego works to prolong the life of its landfill by recycling it and recycling waste, such as greenery.