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What are Inrush Current Surges? – Rad Center

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also known as the starting or it can also be assessed on electric motors and devices. The surges in current that are generated by the device will rise as a device starts to wear out or when its bearings need greasing.

It is crucial that you know how to track it and can either find the correct-sized transformer for your equipment, or ship your damaged item back. You will require a clamp which measures the current inrush and a meter to measure it. Set the meter’s amps to and hit the inrush button. When you turn on your motor, your gauge will show the rate of inrush.

The measurement should be taken up to five times before you get an accurate measurement. The inrush current from a motor will quickly settle. If your motor is not working properly or older model It could take a long time for the current to settle out. If you’ve just purchased a new device with the power of an electric motor you should take the time to measure the power of the motor’s inrush. This could alert you that the device isn’t operating in a proper manner. For more information on current surges that cause inrush, view the video.