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Tornado Splits in Two! – Entertainment Videos

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They are meant to give those in need of warning enough time so they will be able to find shelter. The vortex can be as beautiful and unpredictable as they seem. In this video, we see an incredible tornado that divides into two. The trouble is twice as bad.

There are a few storm chasers watched intently by the funnel cloud. The funnel cloud is an airborne tornado that’s suspended in the sky and hasn’t descended yet. The funnel cloud will eventually fall to form a small tornado. It’s located in an open field , making it easier to observe. This tornado is different in that it has multiple vortices that are originating within the same cloud. The basic concept is that it’s an enormous spinning mass that has two smaller spinning points inside of it. It’s an incredible visual. These vortices are likely to become more clear in time. They look like two tornadoes, stacked side-by-side. The tornado is seen sucking on a barn roof as it progresses in the video. The farmers need for roofers to be in contact to repair the damage.