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The Leaders of Renewable Energy – Sky Business News

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Energy companies are constantly examined by the public as not being environmentally sustainable. There has been a race with many firms to be better than their competitors in the area of sustainable practices. For the purpose of generating solar energy, governments are building solar farms. Which countries are leading in sustainable energy? More than 25% of world’s electricity was generated from renewable energy sources in the year 2018. There are many ways to obtain renewable energy. Hydro and solar are the most famous sources. It’s challenging to harness solar power. Unpredictable cloud cover hinders solar energy. The three top countries that have the greatest renewable resources are Brazil, China and Germany. These countries are also the ones that produce most polluting and energy. This is however only a an insignificant portion of the overall mix. Iceland is the leader in the world in energy consumption. Low energy consumption is one of the main characteristics that distinguishes Nordic countries. The oil producing nations that are big Renewable energy sources are virtually absent. In Norweigh, there are numerous wind turbines. For many people who are conscious of the environment, wind turbines are known to disrupt wildlife. Particularly during migrations of birds. Because of their location in the sky, wind turbines can block birds’ migration. 5kf44gb2c6.