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Small Bathroom Renovation Project – Remodeling Magazine

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M does not have to be complicated or costly.

You can start your journey to remodel your bathroom by watching this instructional video. A few things to understand prior to starting your bathroom remodeling project is that you are required to take the old fixtures from your bathroom . This includes the tub or toilet and mirror, vanity and floor. When you’ve eliminated all flooring and fixtures, it is possible to begin the process of removing your bathroom’s drywall. Make sure you are wearing face protection to avoid any fiberglass debris.

If you are deciding what pieces to put in your home the best thing to do is to be bright. Start by adding some beautiful white tiles, or an up-to-date wall system as well as bathtub, modern-style toilet, along with a new vanity design faucet and mirror.

To ensure that your installation goes smoothly, it is vital to choose a licensed plumber. Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t need to be a hassle or costly. You and your guest can transform your bathroom’s appearance through remodeling.