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Realistic Auto Body Damage in iRacing – Car Talk Podcast

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E-cars are speedy and racing at high speeds. The passion for racing is now spreading into the online world. Every day , hundreds of races happen on IRacing. It is an extremely realistic sim. Each track and car is expertly designed by hand. The game considers surface temperatures the weather, as well as realistic collision damage into consideration. In this clip, you’ll find out more about iRacing’s realistic collisions.

The sport of motorsport is famous for its crashes. Body repairs for autos are costly. They can even cost millions of dollars to race professional cars. Crashes on the other hand, in iRacing are not as costly. The crashes in iRacing don’t cost any money. However, the worse the accident, the more time the driver has to wait for their pit crew virtual to fix up their car. It’s a complex harm control mechanism which iRacing has put a lot of time and effort into. Anything can occur including tires popping off to the hood of a car coming off. It’s amazing the advancements in technology.