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List of Different Types of Lawyers – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

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Attorney to fight Medical Malpractice

Employing a medical negligence lawyer is often a sign that you’re experiencing personal injuries caused by a mistake made to your body by a medical professional. Lawyers for medical malpractice are on hand to aid you in dealing with every kind of damage like carelessness, misdiagnosis, or ineffective treatment. Medical malpractice lawyers can also assist patients who work as healthcare professionals and who are accused of medical malpractice.

Contract Lawyer

Lawyers who specialize in contract law provide their legal services by helping their clients draft and enforce contracts legal obligations. Most contract lawyers are hired to help with contract negotiation, dispute resolution and contract breaches.

Government Lawyer

Legal professionals who are employed by the U.S government within specific departments whether they are federal, state county, local or state governments. They are usually focused in the field that governs the agency or company they work for.

Environmental Lawyer

Even though they’re not among attorneys that make lots of money, environmental attorneys focus on cases that pertain to the protection of the environment. A lot of lawyers in this area enjoy the fact that they get to do their part in saving the planet. Environmental lawyers are knowledgeable in regards to the policies and guidelines set for them by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Real Estate Lawyer

The main client base for real estate lawyers is made up of buyers, homeowners, and agents. Real estate lawyers’ expertise can help clients when they are buying or selling a property as well as giving advice on legal issues for companies in the construction industry regarding law that deal with zones. Legal counsel for real estate attorneys also represents tenants and property owners in matters such as foreclosures and the eviction process. It is important that lawyers representing real estate have negotiation abilities as they may be required to intermediate between partie