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How to Store a Golf Cart the Right Way – Your Oil

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It is essential to correctly store your golf cart. Carts with no storage space properly stored can cause batteries to run out or damage. Keep reading to learn how to store a golf cart correctly.

Most modern golf carts have an under-seat button and a function that turns the engine off. The switch that you turn on is exactly the one that you use to turn your golf car on and off. The switch should have “run” on one side, and on the other side it will read “tow storage and maintenance”. If you’re a golf cart driver it is possible to flip the switch to ensure that you keep your car in good condition all week. This will prevent the battery from being depleted.

A few additional steps to follow if you are planning on storing your cart for prolonged periods, especially during winter. For ensuring that the battery won’t die all winter long, fully charge it. After that, turn on the switch just like for storage on weekends. However, lastly, you’ll need take the cables out of the primary positive and negative locations on the battery pack for storage for the longer term.

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