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How to Remove a Honeybee Hive – House Killer

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This video has information about how to safely transfer bees in order to move them to the next. In addition, the video include footage showing how to properly remove honeycombs and transfer bees, it is also a discussion of the importance of queen bees and their importance they play in an entire bee colony.

The video will provide interesting facts about the queen to make them more important. These tricks will enable you to discern if your colony the home of a queen who is producing eggs. Alongside images of what eggs are like, the video describes how you can spot the eggs of bees. Additionally, the video describes how you can determine, from the way the bees build their combs the presence of queens in it or not.

Bees’ combs should be respected. while moving honeybees between hives one after another, as shown in the video, make sure you move the bees with their honey. In addition, safety measures such as placing honey in a feeder would be highlighted in the film. rv2gicchw1.