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How to Clean Veteran Marble Grave Markers by Memorial Day – Customer Support Portal

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The grave marker that honors our veterans needs adequate cleaning and maintenance. Volunteers from all over the country have responded to the request for assistance cleaning graves that are dedicated to veterans.
Participate in taking care of grave markers for veterans within your neighborhood. You must first get permission from your cemetery before beginning to scrub grave markers.
Be careful to clean a gravemark left by a veteran. Never use a scraper of metal that can scratch the stones. Clear away all debris that is overgrowing the gravemark. Clean the grave mark, use a handheld brush or an awl brush. Following the spraying of the stone with water, let it sit for several minutes before applying D2 biological cleaner. Allow the stone to soak in D2 biological treatment. Make use of a nylon soft brush to clean away any the staining. Brushes can be utilized for smaller spaces. Get your community involved in organizing activities to scrub the headstones of veterans in your neighborhood. jq5hv4235y.