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How to Build Your Own DIY Towing Dolly – DIY Projects for Home

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to their work or hobbies, but expensive to buy on the market. This video explains how to build your own reliable towing doll.

For the construction of a dolly, the main capabilities and equipment that are required include the ability for a person to measure, cut, and weld metal. It is possible to use the material made from recycled trailers, or any other piece of devices. It’s generally stuff that would be readily available in junkyards or some other establishment that deals in scrap metal.

This is how the presenter will show you how to find the distance between two steel pieces to be used to support the tires. He put two boards snug between the wheel of the car with the largest size that he could possibly tow. He then measured the distance between the boards and decided to add about an inch or so to be safe.

This entire process is possible within a couple of hours. Watching the video will give viewers a good idea of what they’ll require in order to make the cost-effective, durable towing machine by hand.