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How Plasma Coating Services Work – Media Content Lab

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The traditional manufacturing methods may have the ability to form metal or seal spaces between pieces, but they’re not able to offer protection against the elements or create non-stick areas.

Many gun manufacturers and makers of engine components offer plasma coating services to help to achieve their objectives. Contrary to conventional coatings which need to be flexible and weak enough to allow them to be used under normal circumstances, plasma coatings are more durable.

Plasma heating can be used to warm the materials for plasma coating. Then, it is applied to the object that is to be coated. It is usually metallic or ceramic as it must be able to stand up to high temperatures during the coating process. As soon as the coating reaches the area of the object it’s virtually immediately stuck in place.

The below video shows a plasma coating company working. The video shows the process of applying plasma coatings both in normal and vacuum environments. This coating works well on massive and delicate components, and also for firearms.