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How Do I Install LED Linear Lighting? – Home Improvement Videos

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Fice spaces, big shops big stores, etc. However, many hesitate to make the move as they feel they must hire specialists. That’s not true at all. YouTube’s “LED Linear Light System-New Installation” shows what you can accomplish to get brighter areas at half the cost. Here’s more.

The first step is to take the boxes off of linear LED lighting modules. They’re supplied with the mounts they require. The lights can be placed in the way you’d like which is the place you’ll get started. Then, you’ll put them together then connect them and utilize ladders and the tools for mounting to position them close to the ceiling. Important to be sure that you have at least two persons in your home.

This video will also show you how to carry out the cable work. Today, the wires are available in a variety of colors, so you’re aware of where you should join them. After that, you can protect the light by covering the actual reflective piece and put it up on the ceiling. It is important to protect all corners and edges with the appropriate part.

The rest of the video to get more details on how to install linear LED lighting.