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How Do Clear Aligners Work? – Health and Fitness Tips

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Braces of the traditional type are popular. However, the hassle of dealing with brackets made of metal and wires aren’t the best option, neither does the price. Clear aligners like Invisalign are growing in popularity. They appear like the kind of thing one would put on for an athlete however they are quite effective. In this video, we will demonstrate the ways clear aligners can enhance the condition of your teeth.

In the beginning, your dentist will make scans and photographs of your teeth so that they can make the molds for your aligners. The dentist can make changes to the mold depending on your needs for corrections. After your aligners are designed, you are able to wear them the majority of the time. Your teeth are likely to shift when you do this for a prolonged period. It is much less invasive and annoying to deal with in comparison to conventional metal braces. xnc3fwgztj.