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Dock Leveler Maintenance and Operation Explained – MOR Tech

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This video shows the way a dock-leveler operates.

The main issues is maintaining the dock leveler. In order to avoid accidents It is essential that your dock leveler system be maintained in good order. In the event of operating an equipment it is crucial to use comment-sense. The risk of injury is high if the maintenance isn’t done correctly or performed correctly. It is great to learn new techniques like operating of a dock leveler, however, be aware that this type of device can pose a risk.

Different types of levelers function differently so you must understand which kind you are working with before you start. A verticle leveler has different operation needs than a hydraulic. Do not take the wrong choice and end up in an accident. Make sure you are aware of the equipment in which you’re working.

Dock levelers are a rewarding work. Just make sure you be aware of your work. yipvc47rbf.