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Billing for Physical Therapy – Small Business Tips

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The article discusses the amount of the time that a physical therapist must spend to spend with clients prior to charging the person for a certain number of units. He discusses the rule of eights, and how this rule is often employed to calculate the cost of physical therapy. The rule of eights says that the client can’t be billed any unit by the physical professional. After the physical therapist has rendered a service to the client for eight minutes and is eligible for the billing of one unit. Each additional 15 minutes of service increases the count of units to the next degree. A 23-minute session would cost the client two units. At 38-minutes, the professional will be able to charge the client three units. After 53 minutes, will be able to bill the customer for four units.

It is crucial to be aware of how the work will be performed as well as the duration. The two different kinds of tasks are required to be invoiced separately. So, a therapist that performs nine minutes treatment would only be able to bill the client one amount, depending on the duration of nine minutes of therapeutic time.