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Are Pets Good for your Mental Health? Studies Say Yes! – Health Talk Online

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Stress levels, depression. A participant in an investigation on the ways dogs can help low self-esteem said she felt happier on returning from work each day to her dog who was happy.

People who have pets are more likely to suffer from depression than people without pets. Petting your pet, playing together, or just being close to your pet could be soothing and relieve the stress. A pet’s presence helps reduce the symptoms of depression such as loneliness.

Do your pets aid in your mental well-being? Animals are great for boosting spirits and soothe when upset, which is similar to CBD oil. Cats are better at taking control of anger and making it’s easier to relax. Pets can improve your self-confidence and mood and it’s worth sharing with your loved ones and families.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The owners of dogs have a significantly lower risk of having heart attacks , or any other heart issues than people who don’t live with them. There are many people who feel less stressed in the presence of pets. However, it is also common to see that their blood pressure is dropping.

A research study on the impact dogs can have on your heart revealed that those with pets at home experienced an average decrease in their LDL cholesterol.

Owning a pet reduces your chance of developing cardiovascular diseases and reduces severe depression and loneliness. Engaging in positive feelings that result from interaction with pets could help protect you from deadly ailments like heart failure and atherosclerosis. People who own pets have healthier lifestyles than non-owners as well.

If you consider many cardiovascular risk factors like smoking cigarettes and poor diet, animals are much more likely than those who don’t own them to display these harmful traits. A study has revealed that are pets good for well-being? The researchers looked at t