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A Child Custody Attorney Discusses the Power of Discovery Depositions – Court Video

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Sometimes spouses fight with each with one another and they lie to lawyers in order to obtain what they want. The attorney who handles child custody might use different techniques to help divorcees find a solution. One of these tools is the discovery deposition that identifies the relevant facts relevant in a non-courtroom setting. This can speed up the process of any court trial. It allows attorneys and their clients to understand one another more clearly. Depositions in discovery can be a major advantage with regards to lawyer-to lawyer communication , and will help lawyers ensure the children in divorce dispute get the most favorable chance of a successful outcome. Children need to be protected from harm, and many parents are not suited to maintaining large roles within their child’s lives. In this short video an evidence deposition from a discovery hearing helped attorneys from both sides negotiate more effectively and reach a agreement on the custody and visits of their children. The process before the court would have been slower when there were no depositions from both sides. tii8jewiv1.