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12 Creative Wedding Reception Ideas – Everlasting Memories

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that it’s big enough for everybody and that it’s set up so that your guests can see one another easily. Make sure it’s nice and clean. Your wedding photos will reflect highly on you If the venue you chose for your wedding reception has a mess.

Once you’ve determined the design of your reception and you’ve decided on the theme, it’s time to begin searching for venues. Your choice of venue is going to be among the most important elements of your wedding and what you don’t want to do is spend the money only to have things go wrong.

Find a spot that can bring you there is important, because picking one that isn’t affordable will only worsen when you finally choose something.

You need to decide how many guests you are inviting, as well as the type of space you are able to accommodate. This is essential as it will allow the guests to attend your wedding.

An assortment of food and desserts is another great tradition. Although it’s essential to offer the cake with a slice, people prefer eating the pizza and buffet. So if you can afford it, it’s best to have both available.

You should make a list and then thank all those who attended. If you will be giving a speech, it is crucial to keep a record. You have to have an inventory of the persons who assisted you with any manner so that the speech isn’t long and tedious. In the reception, your best man or the maid of honour are able to give the speech.


Innovative wedding reception concepts involve the arrangement of entertainment and music in your wedding reception’s program. You can have a DJ or live performers. Make sure to let the musicians know the type of music that you prefer or ask the DJ to use your favorite mix.

The possibilities are endless for you to have an entirely different experience at your reception. The program could be something from magicians and clowns or perhaps a videographer, who will make a quick video that captures the event of the day. Planning for a videographer can be helpful if you like to do things in a simple way.